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The Sauna World

We have dedicated the Sauna World to the discovery of well-being and complete tranquillity ... to make you feel at home!

The Sauna World is the steam area: enveloped in steam, you will get a feeling of total relaxation and purify your body while your mind feels at ease.

The humidity in some types of saunas will help your body eliminate toxins you have accumulated for several reasons, such as stress and pollution.


The ideal way designed by our experts to help you achieve the highest possible wellbeing follows a programme; first a Turkish bath, then a bio sauna and finally a Finnish sauna.

Turkish baths are good for your respiratory system and in general for the whole organism: the effect of the steam brings warmth that allows the expulsion of toxins through perspiration, purifying the skin. In fact, thanks to the expansion of the pores, the skin is deeply cleansed... which eliminates toxins and toxic substances from the skin, to leave it healthy and shiny!

Take a hot shower, dry yourself thoroughly, enter the bath for 10-12 minutes, leave it and take some exercise, then take a cold shower and rest in the relaxation area.

Continue with a Biosauna (65°C, humidity: 10-15%), which is proved to have beneficial and relaxing effects on the body, with benefits also for the cardiovascular system. This is stressed by heat and cold stimuli that cause dilation and a constriction of the capillaries, making them elastic. This leads the body to a greater resistance to daily thermal shocks and related ailments.

Take a warm shower and dry yourself, stay in the sauna for 15-20 minutes, leave it and take some exercise, then take a cold shower and rest or have a nice massage.

Finish off the programme with a Finnish Sauna (90-110°C, humidity: max 15%), after which you will feel your muscles are relaxed; this sauna improves the skin and rejuvenates it by opening the pores. The sauna also strengthens your immune system, since many bacteria die at high temperatures ... and let's not forget that the sauna helps you to relax because endorphins are released, which are chemicals that trigger positive feelings in the body!

Take a warm shower, stay in the sauna for 8-12 minutes, then unwind in the relaxation area.


We do not recommend these treatments to people with heart, blood pressure or blood circulation problems, or neurological or venous diseases. If you are in doubt you can ask our experts, who will be happy to help you choose the programme that best suits you!

The access to Sauna World is forbidden to children under 14 years old!

The Lotus wellbeing spa is open every afternoon from 4 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.




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